Thursday, February 25, 2010

sunshine ribbons plushie

i love to give a homemade baby gift.  it just says 'love'.  tutorial and really funny story here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homemade Ugly Dolls (or Monster Dolls)

These are so colorful and fun. Your imagination is your only limitation. I had so much fun making these 'fake' Ugly Dolls for my kids for Christmas. They were relatively easy for how cute they turned out-and much cheaper than the real thing. I just made shapes up for the dolls themselves-using the real Ugly Dolls for inspiration. You can cut out any kind of shape out of any color and add whatever details you want on the face. I used different colors in different kinds of fleece for the bodies. My favorite was the green fleece which turned out kind of knappy. I used embroidery floss & felt for the faces, and some ric-rac trim for some of the embellisments. The kids love them and have given them each a name.

position: center

Saturday, February 6, 2010

recycled tights snake

another gift for another birthday party. i got this awesome idea from this crafter. i loved the idea to repurpose the tights plus it was just so fun & bright! plus this idea is great for a girl or a boy, depending on the fabrics/materials you have available. since there wasn't a tutorial i had to just make a go of it. the body is recycled tights, the hair clip is a crocheted flower that i had previously done. the eyes and 'hair' clip have button embellisments and the tongue is felt. even though i will do a few things differently next time, it really was pretty easy.