Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Bunting with Recycled Materials

I decided my living room needed a Valentine bunting. I used some (very old) scrapbook paper that I've had forever. I try really hard to use what I've got rather than rush out and buy new patterns...it is so hard. But this bunting was 100% stuff I had on hand. Reusing old & unique things is what keeps things interesting and less like everything that everyone else has. The black & white damask was my favorite and it was an old used piece of wrapping paper that I mounted on white cardstock. (TIP: I keep a stash of old bits of paper, ribbon and anything pretty. Basically when I get a Christmas card or wedding announcement or anything that has any awesome materials/patterns I rip it apart and keep what I like and reuse it for lots of projects.) I was happy with how it turned out...especially since it was a quick and FREE project.